Floral Regulations

Rules, Regulations, and Restrictions For Spring Hill Cemetery

1. Spring Hill Cemetery, in order to preserve and maintain uniformity, harmony, and beauty, provide stability against decay and deterioration, and safeguard the sanctity of each lot or grave against future inefficient care reserves for itself, its successors assign the right to make any and all rules, limitations, and restrictions it may deem necessary to protect and provide for the future welfare of Spring Hill Cemetery, Davidson County, Tennessee.

2. All lots are sold subject to these rules and regulations as they exist or as they may hereafter exist and when transferred by conveyance or any lot or portion thereof the same rules and regulations of this deed shall become part of and binding upon the grantee of any and all subsequent conveyance.

3. The cemetery requires a cemetery approved outer burial container for traditional burials and cemetery approved urn vault for the burial of cremated remains.

4. All marker installations will be supervised by Spring Hill Cemetery. Spring Hill Cemetery reserves the right to regulate size and placement of all markers, monuments, benches, or other construction.

5. All trees, shrubbery, or flowers growing or planted in said cemetery shall remain the property of the cemetery and cannot be removed without written consent and no laborers or gardeners, except employees of the cemetery shall be allowed or permitted within the grounds without a special permit from Spring Hill Cemetery. In order that all might be protected, and to secure the best general results, all shrubs, trees, and flowers shall be planted under the direction and within the approval of the management of Spring Hill Cemetery. No mounds on graves shall be permitted and no enclosures or graves or lots with stones or material will be permitted.

6. After permission is granted to place shepherd hooks, vases of any description, or other items on lots or graves, Spring Hill Cemetery reserves the right to remove same when the item has served its purpose or becomes deteriorated or unsightly.

7. Flower arrangements may be permanently kept on interment locations that are placed in bronze vases approved by Spring Hill Cemetery. Additional flower arrangements may be placed on special occasions. This will be limited to one arrangement per interment and may not remain for a period over two weeks.

8. Memorial lights or luminaries shall be allowed provided they are of a variety and construction approved by Spring Hill Cemetery Management, will not interfere with or be damaged by cemetery maintenance and landscaping equipment create safety hazard for visiting families and cemetery personnel, and otherwise comply with these rules and regulations.

9. Spring Hill Cemetery reserves the right to specify to the lot owner what shall be proper repairs to any marker installed upon the grounds of Spring Hill Cemetery, to make such repairs if it is deemed necessary at the expense or cost of the owner and to also remove such marker if deemed necessary.

10. All interments on the lots shall be restricted to members of the family or relatives of lot owners unless written permission to the contrary has been granted from the lot owner, or beneficiary, and Spring Hill Cemetery.

11. All foundations for markers shall be constructed and installed by Spring Hill Cemetery at the expense of the lot owner, notice to be made to Spring Hill Cemetery at least 15 days in advance of time when such foundations are required.

12. Graves are sold with one interment right per grave. Additional interment rights may be purchased at Spring Hill Cemetery’s discretion.