The history of Spring Hill dates back to 1785 when the first settlers moved in from the Cumberland settlement into an area six miles east of Nashville called Haysboro. Today, Spring Hill Funeral Home & Cemetery is one of the most beautiful landmarks of Nashville. Its wide open spaces dotted with majestic trees and beautiful flower gardens offer tranquility and beauty not only to the families it serves, but to the community as a whole.


I cannot express enough, the care and caring you gave our family, during this heart breaking time. I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart, especially, Alex, she went above and beyond, making this as pleasant as a time like this can be. She has that rare quality of listening, and was exceptional at planning the service with a "Personal... Read More

Jerry T. Orman

I want everyone to know what wonderful care and respect was given to my dear husband. Spring Hill was a comfort to our entire family. Samuel Brewer went above and beyond during the arrangements, at the funeral and gravesite. He made a very difficult time easier. I will be forever grateful.

Judy A.

Thank you all so much for the love, care, and personal touches you gave our family in memory of our sweet family member, Ray Allen. Some of our most precious moments were when we first saw the photography equipment you placed near Ray's casket. Ray was an avid photographer, and this was a totally wonderful, heartwarming surprise. The other touching moment... Read More

Belinda M.